VS Sampath to be the new Chief Election Commissioner

Keeping in line with the established procedure, VS Sampath the senior most election commissioner will succeed SY Quraishi as Chief Election Commissioner (CEC). Mar Sampath took over as election commissioner in 2009 and is expected to assume office as the CEC on June 10.

There have been eight CECs that have been appointed using this convention of the senior most election commissioner being appointed.


Recently, senior BJP leader LK Advani had written to the Prime Minister seeking a change in the manner in which members are appointed to the election commission.

Mr. Advani wrote stating that a collegium should select election commissioners. "The present system whereby members to the Election Commission are appointed by the President, solely on the advice of the Prime Minister, does not evoke confidence among the people,'' Mr. Advani wrote.

Mr. Advani said the selection committee should consist of the PM, the Chief Justice of India, the Law Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in both Houses of Parliament.


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