ISRO's 100th Space Mission


Today marked a milestone moment for Indian space capabilities as ISRO launched its "100th Space Mission" this morning. The PM was also present at the Sriharikota near Chennai, to witness the launch of PSLV-C21 carrying two foreign satellites.

The rocket - Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-C21 (PSLV-C21), standing around 44 metres tall and weighing around 230 tonne, with a one-way ticket - hurtled towards the skies ferrying SPOT 6, a French earth observation satellite weighing 712 kg, and a 15-kg micro satellite Proiteres from Japan.


History of ISRO

ISRO’s beginnings were humble. Begun on India’s independence day in 1969 by Dr Vikram A Sarabhai, the father of India’s space programme some of its operations were planned from inside a cow shed. Its first achievement was the launch of the Aryabhatta satellite using a Russian rocket.

ISRO was also responsible for the first large scale launch of remote sensing satellites for television broadcasts. India now has the largest fleet of remote sensing satellites in the world.


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